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Disgust As Dog Poo Bins Removed

Wokingham Liberal Democrats say they have been inundated with complaints from residents that dog litter bins have been removed from parks and recreation grounds. The Tory-controlled council removed the bins to save money. Unfortunately they removed the bins without informing dog walkers that normal litter bins could be used. They are now having to instal new litter bins where dog bins used to be.

Cllr Phil Challis (Lib Dem councillor for Loddon ward) says, “Putting dog poo in normal litter bins is a terrible idea. Residents do not want the smell and risk of using litter bins that have dog poo in them. More importantly, our children are at risk if they inadvertently come into contact with it, as it can cause blindness.

“The Tories announced the policy of removing dog poo bins at the Council meeting in February and the bins have since been removed. But instead of informing the public that normal litter bins should be used, they just left the empty bin posts. Without knowing what they were supposed to do, dog walkers have been leaving bags of dog excrement hanging from the posts.

“This is disgusting, and could have been avoided completely if the council had got its act together. It would have made all the difference if they had attached notices to the dog bin posts informing dog walkers to use the normal litter bins. How hard would that have been?

“I don’t understand why the council didn’t just leave the dog bins as they were and arranged to collect the contents when emptying the normal litter bins. It would have been the simplest, safest and most hygienic thing to do. It seems the Tory executive can’t even sort out dog mess, let alone the mess they’ve made of running the council over the past 7 years.”

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Wokingham Borough Council “No Longer Aiming For Excellence” Say Wokingham Lib Dems

Wokingham Liberal Democrats have commented on the new “values” that Wokingham Borough Council appears to have adopted.

Councillor Prue Bray says, “It appears that the Tory controlled council is no longer ‘aiming for excellence’. A new set of values has mysteriously appeared on all council meeting agendas, where ‘aiming for excellence’ has been replaced with ‘making a difference’. I have no idea who dreamt up these new values, but now that Wokingham is in the bottom 20% nationally for council performance it looks as if the Tory administration has given up on excellence altogether and is settling for mediocrity.

“The Tories have decided that Wokingham Borough Council will no longer, for example try to ‘treat people fairly’ or ‘be good at teamwork and communication’. Perhaps that was too difficult for them. Instead they have declared that ‘In making a difference to other people’s lives we are… ONE Wokingham, ONE Borough –¬†working in partnership’. How many Wokinghams do they think there are? Perhaps having two Wokingham mayors has confused them.

“The Tories should get on with the job of putting right the mess they have made at the council rather than wasting time on this nonsense.”

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Citizen’s Awards Ceremony

Woodley Town Council will hand out awards to some its top citizens at a ceremony at the Oakwood Centre on 2nd April.

Beth Rowland, Liberal Democrat, Leader of the Town Council said “Woodley has so many people who give freely of their time to run clubs and support groups. This ceremony will be an opportunity to get many of the volunteers together in a pleasant social gathering and thank them for their efforts over the past year. In past awards ceremonies the opportunity for networking has sparked ideas for the coming year’s activities.”

Beth went on to say, “The serious business of the night is to recognise the great contribution these folk make to Woodley and hand out awards to six people who have been nominated to receive Citizen’s Awards. These people have served Woodley well for many years. In these difficult times we must spend money wisely and I gave this event careful thought. However in the end I concluded that Woodley gains so much value from its volunteers and would not be able to function without them, that this event was something we should maintain. The event is for the volunteers and not for local dignitaries.”

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