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Lib Dems set out political priorities

Wokingham Liberal Democrats have set out their political priorities for the forthcoming year.

Cllr Bray, Leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the council, explained: ‘The Liberal Democrats locally will continue to stand up for the most vulnerable people in our community, including the frail elderly, those with care needs and their carers, and disadvantaged children. We will continue to press for more strategic thinking, and more open, more considered and timelier decision-making.

‘We will continue to highlight issues we have raised in the past, such as: the need for a better system for developer contributions, proper tenant involvement in the decision on what happens to council housing, a parking strategy, preserving Elms Field, improving school buildings, and doing more to prevent or mitigate flooding.

‘I suspect there may well be a lot of interesting changes coming, and the Lib Dem councillors are ready to work with – or, if necessary, against – the Conservative administration to ensure this council does the very best we can for Wokingham Borough residents.’

Cllr Bray also confirmed that despite the coalition nationally, there was no coalition between the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, at Wokingham Borough Council.

Cllr Prue Bray said: ‘In Wokingham, the Lib Dems are happy to work with the administration where we agree, for example, to try to get fair funding for the council, or to get improved infrastructure. But where we disagree, we will say so.’

Wokingham Liberal Democrats celebrate election success

Wokingham Liberal Democrats are celebrating their success in last week’s local elections. Not only did they successfully win the three seats they were defending, but they also won an extra Borough Council seat from the Conservatives in Loddon. Borough-wide, the Liberal Democrat share of the vote increased by nearly 5 per cent, whereas the Conservatives share of the vote fell by almost 9 per cent.

Cllr Sue Smith, who won the Loddon seat, said: ‘I am very pleased to have won, and thank the people of Loddon for voting for me. I am looking forward to working for the Loddon and Woodley area and my first objective will be to get a fair deal for local residents on the way the developers’ contributions for Sandford Farm are to be used.’

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Community Garden to be Destroyed

Lib Dems are dismayed to learn that the compound for the “Decent Home” work in Woodley is to be located on the site of the recently created Community Garden in Drovers Way.   This will destroy the wonderful efforts of our young citizens in creating this garden on a patch of land that had been poorly maintained by the council for years.

Sue Smith Lib Dem Candidate for Loddon says “This will destroy the hard work that local youngsters have put into creating this garden – just the sort of ‘pride in one’s community’ work that Councils are supposed to be encouraging. They have transformed it from a neglected patch of land, poorly maintained by the Council for years into a pleasant area for children to play or adults to sit and enjoy. To now destroy it sends a very poor message to the local youngsters, and conveys a total lack of respect for their efforts.” She added “It was the Council’s own Community Wardens who organised the creation of the garden, so I was amazed that the Housing Department appeared totally unaware of its existence – hardly a great example of joined up thinking by the Council.

Sue Smith Lib Dem Candidate for Loddon says “Lib Dems have been campaigning for Decent Homes and we are pleased that this work is finally due to start, but surely the council did not need to disappoint our children by ruining their hard work – there must be somewhere else the compound could go.  If not, then I will insist that this garden is restored at the council’s cost, but with the children in charge”.

Gareth Epps, Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East says “This is all too typical of Tory controlled Wokingham Borough Council, when they see our community doing something good they attack it.” He added “The question I have to ask is – why did residents have to wait so long for decent homes?  Wokingham Borough Council should have bought all houses in the borough up to the Decent Homes Standard by the end of the 2010.  Why are they only just starting now?  They have said that they the whole borough will not be completed until 2013 at the earliest – the Tory leadership should be ashamed of their poor record”.

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