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Conservatives scrap recycling improvement plan

Wokingham Liberal Democrats are disappointed that the Conservatives seem to have abandoned plans to further improve and extend recycling in the borough.

When the Conservative executive changed the waste collection scheme they included a Recycling Improvement Plan and money was set aside to be spent on recycling initiatives. The Liberal Democrat councillors have discovered that this money is no longer in the budget. The Lib Dems say with an underpinning principle in the council’s new Vision to improve recycling, it does not then make sense to scrap plans to achieve this.

The Lib Dems are calling for recycling to be made easier and for residents to be encouraged to recycle more. The current recycling scheme is limited in the items that can be collected and by abandoning plans for new initiatives the Tories will make it harder for the council to meet the government targets for reducing landfill. If these targets are not met the council will face financial penalties.

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Wokingham Borough Council Elections May 2012 – Liberal Democrat Candidates

There are Lib-Dem candidates in each of the following Wokingham Borough Wards:

Bulmershe & Whitegates: LESLEY HAYWARD

Lesley has lived in Woodley for over 20 years and brought up her family of two boys here. She ran the White Horse Pub in Wokingham Without for some years. Her many interests include green bowling, reading and interior design. Lesley feels passionate about the need for good bus services, considerate parking, the regeneration of Woodley town centre and the preservation of the valuable green open space between Earley and Woodley.

Loddon: TOM McCANN

Tom McCann has lived in Woodley for 30 years and both of his daughters attended Bulmershe School. He was a Wokingham Borough councillor for more than 10 years before standing for parliament in two general elections. He currently manages two local charity shops and is committed to making a difference in our community.

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It should be easier to recycle say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats in Wokingham Borough are calling for changes to the new recycling arrangements. They believe that the problems with recycling run much deeper than simply a temporary lack of black boxes or confusion about what can and can’t be recycled following the introduction of the new waste collection scheme.

The Lib Dems have been surveying residents in various parts of the Borough to find out their views on waste and recycling. The Lib Dems say “The results of our survey show that Wokingham residents are keen to recycle and many are disappointed that the new scheme set up by the Conservatives only allows for a limited range of doorstep recycling. ¬†We agree. The Liberal Democrats want to make it easier for people to recycle more. In neighbouring West Berks. residents can recycle food waste and textiles via their kerbside collections so why not in Wokingham?

We don’t want rubbish to end up in landfill. In our view the best way to achieve that is to widen recycling, not adopt the Conservative approach of forcing households to use blue bags.”

Wokingham’s Liberal Democrat councillors will continue to press for it to be made easier for residents to recycle and so reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill.

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