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Wokingham Borough Council: An extension into Political Statement?

Wokingham’s Lib Dems are furious at an attempt by Conservative-run Wokingham Borough Council to offload blame for an unpopular government policy onto the Liberal Democrats, violating the requirement for councils to be politically neutral. On 7th September, the Council issued a press release about the government’s plans to relax the rules on planning permission for home […]

Wokingham Conservatives: Jobs for the Boys

Last night a Liberal Democrat challenge gave the Conservatives an opportunity to rethink their decision to pay £6,095 a year to each of six councillors acting as Directors on Council owned companies. The Lib Dems are disappointed but not surprised that Tory party loyalty won out as all bar one Conservative voted to use council […]

Wokingham Conservative Councillors’ Pay trumps Public Services

Last night the Conservatives decided to pay Wokingham Borough Councillors who are Non Executive Directors on the three council owned companies an extra £6095 a year each. This was despite the Lib Dems asking them not to make this decision and at the very least bring it to a full Council Meeting so that a […]

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