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Save Woodley & Whitegates’ Youth Services

Woodley & Whitegates’ youth service has been axed as a result of Wokingham Tories cutting the youth budget by £680,000. Earley and Twyford will also lose their youth services in September, with staff being made redundant. Lib Dem Borough Councillor Sam Rahmouni says, “This is another blow being dealt to Woodley & Whitegates. Our youth provision is vital to the […]

Lib Dems challenge Wokingham Conservatives’ priorities

A lively debate ensued at Wokingham Borough’s Council meeting as the Lib Dems proposed that the Council should commit to two clear priorities when setting the budget. The Lib Dems proposed that the Council should prioritise the provision of services for the benefit of the public and value for money for residents. Councillor Lindsay Ferris […]

Coming soon to a screen near you….

Last week the Wokingham Borough Council Meeting was filmed for the first time. And there were no first night nerves as Wokingham’s Lib Dems welcomed open and transparent democracy. Cllr Prue Bray, Leader of Wokingham’s Lib Dems said “There were more people than could fit in the public gallery so it was a good job […]

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