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Optalis operation costs council £50k more

Liberal Democrat Councillors are extremely concerned about the additional costs of OPTALIS – the Wokingham Borough Council owned company that provides adult social care to the Borough’s residents.  A Special Council Executive Meeting was held on 28th March at which councillors were asked  to approve a £50,000 injection into OPTALIS to help balance its books […]

Wokingham Borough Council – another Sham Consultation

Liberal Democrat councillors are very disappointed but not in the least surprised that the Conservative Executive at Wokingham Borough Council voted unanimously on 15th May to close Fosters residential care home. The consultation responses from residents of Fosters and their families stated overwhelmingly that they did not want Fosters to close. But as usual the Conservatives […]

Put Fosters residents interests first say Lib Dems

The Lib Dems are fighting to ensure that the interests of the people living at Fosters Residential Care Home come first when Wokingham Borough Council makes a decision on the future of the building. The council says Fosters is in a poor state and is consulting on whether to make repairs or close the care […]

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