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Lib Dem reaction to Comprehensive Spending Review

Wokingham Liberal Democrats have issued their response to the coalition government’s Comprehensive Spending Review. Prue Bray (leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council) said: ‘The Comprehensive Spending Review, as a settlement for councils, is going to be tough, but it has been announced as it was trailed. It contained some good news for […]

Icelandic investment misgivings

At last Thursday’s Council meeting, Wokingham Liberal Democrats were astonished by the Conservative-led administration’s over-optimism in recouping the £5 million of council tax payer’s money it invested in the collapsed Icelandic banks. The Executive Member for Council Budgets, Anthony Pollock, confidently predicted that the Council expected to recover nearly all the £5 million investment. Cllr […]

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Reduction in Councillor allowance voted down by Conservatives

Wokingham Liberal Democrats are astounded that, at the Wokingham Borough Council meeting last Thursday, the Conservatives on the Council voted against reducing the amount of extra money that councillors with special responsibilities are paid. At the Council meeting, Prue Bray, the leader of the Liberal Democrat group, proposed that there should be a 5 per […]

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