Wokingham Conservative’s Flood Strategy Doesn’t Hold Water

the-flooded-showcase-roundaboutWokingham Borough’s Lib Dem councillors are extremely disappointed at the Conservative Council’s proposed strategyfor dealing with flooding.

Leader of the Lib Dems, Cllr Prue Bray (Winnersh ward) said “This Flood Strategy is not fit for purpose, it is full of holes and does not give any real indication of what the council intends to achieve, what the priorities are, or when they are to be expected to be done.  Without specifics the measures are only aspirations, and tracking progress and performance will be impossible. We are concerned not just about flooding now but in the future, particularly if new homes are being built on or near the flood plain and the impact of this on existing properties. ”

Prue added “I am extremely concerned about the lack of resource available to deal with flooding in our Borough.  In September I asked the Conservative responsible for this area what physical work is actually being done to preventflooding, I was told that staff shortages and the work on the routine day job has meant any other work will take longer to happen. This is just not good enough, the Conservatives need to get on top of flooding and put resources into tackling it.”

The Lib Dems have been pressing the Conservatives on flood prevention. Earlier this year at the March Council Meeting, Lib Dem Cllr Tom McCann (Loddon ward) said to the Conservatives “You have failed communities, and you have failed to implement any real flood prevention and mitigation measures. You have known about key at flood risk areas like the traffic lights at Showcase cinema and you still did nothing.  I will accept that this year’s flooding was far worse than our normal amount of rain, but by not fixing the roof while the sun is shining you have failed us all.”

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