We can do better for our residents

PIC BY STEWART TURKINGTONwww.stphotos.co.uk07778 334771Wokingham’s Liberal Democrat councillors are urging the Conservative Council to improve its partnership with local Town and Parish Councils to give residents more efficient and effective services.

At last night’s Council meeting, the Lib Dems were disappointed that despite picking up Lib Dem Cllr Tom McCann’s suggestion for improved collaborative working with Towns and Parishes, the Conservatives really missed the point of his idea.

Tom (Loddon ward) said “We wanted to prevent the sort of situation that arose last year when the Conservatives cut the Youth service without talking to towns and parishes first, which left them scrambling to try to keep local youth clubs open. At the council meeting the Conservatives kept saying they wanted to consult with towns and parishes but refused to commit themselves to actually doing it. ”

Cllr Dee Tomlin (Twyford ward) said “I support working together to improve the life of our residents, but I am concerned the Conservatives will use this as an excuse to push the finance burden onto Town and Parish Councils some of which are very small. We think they should at least begin by having budget consultations with our Town and Parishes and of course a wider consultation with residents of our borough that pay for these services. Something we have been asking for, for a long time.”

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