Wokingham’s Green-Waste Rip-Off

Lib Dem councillors last night proposed a cut to the £60 charge for the green-waste scheme. The Lib Dems suggested an immediate reduction to £45, which the Conservatives refused.

Cllr Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) said “we are disappointed that Wokingham Borough Council appear to have been overcharging residents for the green waste service. The Council is forecast to make a profit of up to £20 per customer a year from this service from these residents. I think it is appalling that the Council are overcharging, some would say fleecing our residents. Green waste was part of the overall waste collection service until 2012 when it became an additional charge on top of the council tax.

We propose that the current annual charge of £60 be reduced to £45. This figure still provides Wokingham Borough Council with a modest return, and is much fairer on the users. We also believe that a lower charge would result in a greater take up, so that within three years the council could be achieving greater revenue for this service than currently forecast.”

When the Waste Contract comes up for renewal, the Lib Dem Group will be pushing for a single affordable one-off charge to cover this service, rather than an annual charge.

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