Tory Cover up

woodleysignTory controlled Wokingham Borough Council is siphoning off money given to them by the government to pass on to towns and parishes. Woodley has lost out on over £30,000 this year and will lose as increasing amount in future, a total of about £160,000 over the next three years

The Tories controlling Woodley Town Council are proposing to use Woodley Town reserves to cover up the gap in the towns funding.

Phil Challis, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Woodley said “The Tories are proposing to use £59,000 of town council reserves to replace the money that has effectively been stolen by Wokingham Borough Council” He continued “In an effort to hide this they are also planning to reduce the precept. It is like smoke and mirrors really.”

Sam Rahmouni, Lib Dem member for Bulmershe said “This reserve has been built up by Woodley residents over the years to fund major projects. It is required to help Woodley provide services to the additional 1000 houses that the Tories have said can be built in Woodley – it should not be frittered away.”

Cllr Keith Baker is not only the Tory Leader of the Council at Woodley Town Council; he is also part of the decision making Tory Executive at Wokingham Borough.

Beth Rowland, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Woodley said “As leader of Woodley Town Council, Cllr Baker should be speaking up for Woodley not propping up the Tories on Wokingham Borough Council by using the town’s hard won savings to cover up the robbery of government funds meant for Woodley”

Phil Challis said “At S+R we tabled Lib Dem budget proposals that would have achieved a 2.3% reduction in the household precept, reduced charges on facilities for Woodley residents, reduced price increases for pensioners, protected the general reserve and to fully fund the Citizen’s Advice Bureau”

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