Save Woodley & Whitegates’ Youth Services

bw2Woodley & Whitegates’ youth service has been axed as a result of Wokingham Tories cutting the youth budget by £680,000.

Earley and Twyford will also lose their youth services in September, with staff being made redundant.

Lib Dem Borough Councillor Sam Rahmouni says, “This is another blow being dealt to Woodley & Whitegates. Our youth provision is vital to the well-being of our community. Young people will have nowhere to meet, except on street corners. The Lib Dems are putting pressure on the Tories to think of the well-being and safety of our young people. Only Wokingham town has been spared this cut, and once again it’s Woodley & Whitegates that has to suffer.”

All Lib Dem councillors voted against the cuts.

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