As the new school year begins, pupils in Wokingham Borough will benefit from more than £2 million extra on top of schools budgets, thanks to the Liberal Democrat pupil premium.

Cllr Beth Rowland (South Lake ward) said:

“The pupil premium helps provide extra support for the children who need it most, and helping the most disadvantaged children helps every child. Fewer children falling behind means less disruption in class and a better education for everyone. This pupil premium boost will help all Wokingham Borough’s children as schools can spend the money in ways they feel helps their pupils best.

“In April this year, Wokingham was named as the Authority with the worst gap in attainment between children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium and those who are not. Wokingham’s Lib Dems will continue to challenging the Conservatives to improve the performance of Wokingham’s schools so that children from less well-off back grounds get a fairer chance to succeed in life.”


Pupil Premium 2013/14 figures as supplied to Wokingham Borough Council Lib Dems by DfE:


School Name Postcode Pupil premium 2013/14
Whiteknights Primary School RG2 8EP 59,400
Hawkedon Primary School RG6 3AP 33,300
Hillside Primary School RG6 4HQ 37,800
Radstock Primary School RG6 5UZ 18,000
Aldryngton Primary School RG6 7HR 7,800
Maiden Erlegh School RG6 7HS 109,500
Loddon Primary School RG6 7LR 23,400
Oakbank RG7 1ER 14,400
Lambs Lane Primary School RG7 1JB 36,000
Grazeley Parochial Church of England Aided Primary School RG7 1JY 15,300
Farley Hill Primary School RG7 1UB 6,900
Sonning CofE Primary School RG4 6XF 12,600
Keep Hatch Primary School RG40 1PG 29,700
Foundry College RG40 1PX 5,400
St Crispin’s School RG40 1SS 102,300
All Saints CofE (Aided) Primary School RG40 1UX 62,700
St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Wokingham RG40 2EB 8,700
Westende Junior School RG40 2EJ 12,600
Wescott Infant School RG40 2EN 9,000
Southfield School RG40 2HR 34,200
Saint Sebastian’s Church of England Aided Primary School RG40 3AT 10,800
Nine Mile Ride Primary School RG40 3RB 21,900
Gorse Ride Infants’ School RG40 4EH 13,200
Gorse Ride Junior School RG40 4JJ 23,400
Finchampstead CofE VA Primary School RG40 4JR 7,200
The Holt School RG41 1EE 77,400
The Emmbrook School RG41 1JP 118,500
Emmbrook Infant School RG41 1JR 12,600
Emmbrook Junior School RG41 1JR 23,100
Walter Infant School and Nursery RG41 2TA 9,300
St Paul’s CofE Junior School RG41 2YJ 18,900
The Hawthorns Primary School RG41 3PQ 15,900
Bearwood Primary School RG41 5BB 57,600
Winnersh Primary School RG41 5LH 35,400
Forest School RG41 5NE 131,100
Hatch Ride Primary School RG45 6LP 14,400
Oaklands Infant School RG45 6QZ 10,800
Oaklands Junior School RG45 6QZ 9,900
St Dominic Savio Catholic Primary School, Woodley RG5 3BH 22,500
The Bulmershe School RG5 3EL 202,500
Addington School RG5 3EU 55,500
Highwood Primary School RG5 3JE 47,700
South Lake Primary School RG5 3NA 44,100
Rivermead Primary School RG5 4BS 39,600
Beechwood Primary School RG5 4JJ 43,200
Waingels College RG5 4RF 105,300
Willow Bank Infant School RG5 4RW 4,500
Willow Bank Junior School RG5 4RW 13,500
Woodley CofE Primary School RG5 4UX 25,200
Earley St Peter’s Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School RG6 1EY 46,800
The Colleton Primary School RG10 0AX 4,500
St Nicholas Church of England Primary, Hurst RG10 0DR 8,100
The Piggott School RG10 8DS 60,000
Robert Piggott CofE Junior School RG10 8DY 9,000
Robert Piggott CofE Infant School RG10 8ED 5,400
Crazies Hill CofE Primary School RG10 8LY 2,100
Polehampton Church of England Junior School RG10 9AX 14,400
Polehampton Church of England Infant School RG10 9HS 5,400
Shinfield Infant and Nursery School RG2 9EH 31,800
Shinfield St Mary’s CofE Junior School RG2 9EJ 31,800
The Coombes Church of England Primary School RG2 9NX 61,200


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