Lib Dems challenge Wokingham Conservative cuts to services for our young people

Wokingham Borough’s Conservatives have voted through cuts to Youth Services and Children’s centres. Liberal Democrat councillors are so concerned about the basis, justification and impact of these Conservative cuts that they have called in the decision.

Lib Dem councillor Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) said “How can this be the right thing for the Borough’s youth when a decision has been made but has not been properly consulted on, it’s not been open, has been misleading and has not made clear what services would be best for young people? For the Tories it’s all about saving money not how this affects people. The Lib Dems fully understand the financial pressures on Wokingham Borough Council but any cuts need to be thoroughly thought through. We want the Council to get this right because young people, their families and local communities will be the ones who suffer. The Lib Dems believe there should be a service for all of the Borough’s young people – Youth and Children’s centres should give an inclusive not exclusive service. We are formally challenging the Tories on these rushed and ill thought out cuts.”


  1. At the Executive Meeting 26th July Item 36.00 Review of Youth Service and Children’s Centres the Conservative Executive unanimously voted for the cuts.
  2. The Liberal Democrat Call In was submitted on Tuesday 30th July. It has been signed by five Lib Dem Councillors: Prue Bray (Winnersh ward), Lindsay Ferris (Twyford ward) , Rachelle Shepherd DuBey (Winnersh ward), Dee Tomlin (Twyford ward) and Beth Rowland (South Lake ward).

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