Wokingham Borough Council poised to approve proper public toilets for Woodley

Lib Dems are pleased to report the success of their campaign to bring public toilets back to Woodley. Wokingham Borough Council is expected to approve plans and allocate money for toilets in Woodley at their meeting on 30th May.

Sam Rahmouni Lib Dem Councillor for Bulmershe said “Many Lib Dems have worked hard to get proper public toilets back into Woodley after they were so callously taken away by the Conservatives. I know many residents in my ward of Bulmershe will be happy with what Lib Dems working together have managed to achieve”.

Amanda Downes, Lib Dem Woodley Town Councillor for Bulmershe said “Pressure by a Lib Dem controlled Woodley Town Council forced a U-Turn by the Conservatives leadership in Wokingham, who had abandoned proper public toilets in favour of the much hated ‘local loo scheme’ she added “Lets hope that Conservatives in Woodley who grabbed power with the aid of the former Lib Dem Councillor Cllr Lesley Hayward do not undo all our good work”.

Beth Rowland said “Surely not even the Conservative group in Woodley could attempt to claim credit for these new toilets as they have only been in charge for a number of days and the new Conservative leader of Woodley Town Council, Cllr Baker, has always been a key Conservative spokesperson against the need for proper public toilets”.

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