Now Tory Committee Chairs ruled invalid due to irregularities

Our recent press release (23/05/13) confirmed that the Leisure Services and Plans Committees at Woodley Town Council were incorrectly constituted at the recent controversial Full Council Meeting. Conservative councillors were elected to seats on these committees that were allocated to the Independent Group under proportionality rules, by the Independent and Conservative groups voting together. These seats have now been declared vacant.

The Lib Dem Group can now further confirm that following a protest by the Lib Dem group regarding these voting irregularities that the elections of the Conservative Chair and Vice Chairs of the Plans and Leisure Services Committees by the committees at the Annual Meeting have also been rules invalid.

Phil Challis, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem Group said “The Independent Group and Conservative group ignored Standing Orders and gave more seats on committees to Conservatives than Lib Dems although the Conservatives have fewer seats on the council. This blatant attempt to ignore basic democratic processes shows a lack of any conscience, a total contempt for democracy and a willingness to do anything to grab power”

Beth Rowland, Leader of the Lib Dem Group said “I am calling on Cllr Jenny Cheng, Leader of the Conservative Group to join me in urging the two councillors, who triggered this situation by resigning from our two parties to resign their seats on the council. The people of Woodley should be allowed to use the ballot box to decide who runs Woodley” Beth added “If these councillors had a conscience and respect for democracy and their residents wishes, who voted for them as Lib Dems and Conservatives, they would both resign anyway without any further prompting”

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