Lib Dems United in Opposition to Relaxation of the Planning Laws

Liberal Democrats in Local Government everywhere – and especially in Wokingham – have called on the Coalition to listen to mounting criticism and scrap plans to force re-negotiation with developers of agreements to provide affordable housing.

As the Government closes its consultation on its proposals, Cllr Keith House, Lib Dem Environment Spokesperson, has called on the Government to listen carefully to the cross-party evidence submitted by the Local Government Association opposing the plans. “It’s not everyday you get all the political parties throwing their arms up in horror at a proposal”, he said, “but when this does happen, you need to stop and listen”.

Cllr Prue Bray leader of the Wokingham Borough Council Liberal Democrats said, “Wokingham has a huge shortage of affordable housing. The Lib Dems are united in opposing the idea of allowing developers to wriggle out of obligations they have already agreed to. Liberal Democrats in local government have also been making clear our opposition to the Government plans to allow larger extensions to be built without planning permission and look forward to sending back a similar response on that issue as well”


Cllr Prue Bray made a speech at the Liberal Democrat Conference about temporary changes to the planning laws. The full speech can be accessed via

The response from all parties at the LGA is very clear in opposing this and the response can be found here:

For a full copy of the opposition expressed by the Liberal Democrat Conference on housing and planning

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