Wokingham Waste Worries – still there

At the Council meeting on 19th July, the Conservatives painted a rose tinted picture of the waste collection service. The Lib Dems know that in fact there are a lot of people out there who are still not happy with it. But yet again the Conservatives rejected a Lib Dem request to rethink the green waste charges.

The Lib Dems also know that there are a lot of community minded people who help their neighbours with their gardens and collect leaves from council owned trees. Cllr Beth Rowland said, “Under the current scheme these people have to pay the full rates for bags and bins. It doesn’t seem right that people should be made to pay for being community minded. But last night the Conservatives refused to consider any concessions for them. The Lib Dems are listening to local residents and will continue to push for the changes to the Green Waste Scheme that residents are asking for.”


At the council meeting, Cllr Prue Bray asked: “In January the Conservatives rejected a Lib Dem motion asking you to rethink the green waste scheme. Will you now listen to residents who are saying the green waste scheme is too expensive and is unfair to those on low incomes and agree to a rethink?”

Also at the council meeting, Cllr Beth Rowland asked: “Will you extend the Adopt a Street/Green Space litter policy so that residents who collect green waste such as leaves from council-owned trees or who help elderly neighbours with garden maintenance can be provided with additional bins or bags? “

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