Has the penny dropped?

Last night Lib Dem councillors spoke in support of the petition calling for public toilets to be reinstated in Woodley. They urged the Conservatives to listen as in January the Conservatives dismissed a Lib Dem proposal to reinstate public toilets in the Borough.

Lib Dems repeated their arguments for getting proper public toilets back into the Borough. The Local loo scheme was shown to be an unworkable half measure and it seems that finally the penny may have dropped as the Conservatives are beginning to realise that this is what residents want.

Lib Dem Cllr Beth Rowland, South Lake ward, said “This is a step in the right direction for residents and we welcome the review. But we are disappointed that there is no definite commitment for action to follow. At the Council meeting the Conservatives suggested improving the signs for the Local Loos and we would be disappointed if that is all they plan do.

Woodley Town council has agreed to cover the maintenance of a continental style loo if money from recent developments in Woodley would be used fund a public toilet. This situation cannot go on and the local Lib Dem Councillors will continue to push for what residents want – the reinstatement of public toilets.”

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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