How big is your bag?

wp97907e35_0fWoodley and Whitegates Lib Dems have discovered that the blue bags being distributed by Wokingham Borough Council as part of their controversial new waste contract are all different sizes.

Until Lib Dems pointed this out to the council they had no idea that they were delivering different sized bags.  The Conservative controlled borough council are in middle of distributing over 5 million bags.

Lesley Hayward, Lib Dem town councillor for Bulmershe said “This just about is the worst it could possibly be.  When the council are restricting people to 80 bags a year at least they should all be the same size!  We will be calling on the council to provide more bags, free of charge, to everyone with sub-sized bags” Lesley added “Everyone getting smaller bags than they were supposed to would have been bad enough if they were all the same size, but some people appear to be getting bigger ones than others –and the council has no idea who they are – it is just unbelievable”.

Peter Baveystock from council tells us that the correct size is 40 cm across the bottom; 73.5 cm across the widest part; and 99 cm Height (to end of handle).  The smallest we have come across so far is 36 cm across the bottom; 66 cm across the widest part; and 88 cm Height (to end of handle). How big is your bag?

Tom McCann Lib Dem campaigner in Loddon said “This is just appalling and Lib Dems will be calling on Gary Cowan, the Executive member for waste to resign and take responsibility for the completely botched implementation of the controversial new waste arrangements.  Where is the quality control?”  Tom adds “I suggest everyone measures their bags as soon as they get them and contacts the council if they have sub-sized bags”

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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