Put Fosters residents interests first say Lib Dems

The Lib Dems are fighting to ensure that the interests of the people living at Fosters Residential Care Home come first when Wokingham Borough Council makes a decision on the future of the building.

The council says Fosters is in a poor state and is consulting on whether to make repairs or close the care home.

Wokingham Borough Council Liberal Democrat group leader Prue Bray said “The interests of the residents should be paramount in any decision on the future of Fosters. The views expressed by them and their relatives should decide what happens.

“Given the importance of the issue to those involved it is rather unfortunate that there has been a muddle over the consultation dates and also that Fosters appears on a list of sites the council is considering selling. The Lib Dems have called for both issues to be sorted out.

“The Conservatives have been criticised in the past for consulting where the outcome has already been decided. We are determined not to let them do it again.”

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