Lib Dems push for fairer Green Waste Scheme

At the Wokingham Borough Council meeting on 19th January, Lib Dem Cllr Sue Smith called on the Conservatives to make their Green Waste Scheme fairer by reducing the proposed charges, especially for people on the lowest incomes.

The Council’s current garden waste collection is free. The Conservatives have announced that from April they will charge £60 a year for a green waste wheelie bin or £1 each for disposable paper sacks.

Cllr Smith says “Recycling is better for the environment and saves the council many thousands a year in Landfill Tax. So it is really important that residents join in a Green Waste Recycling Scheme. But charging £60 a year is likely to put them off rather than encourage them. Other councils manage to offer a similar service at only half the cost to residents. Why is Wokingham planning to charge so much?

Cllr Smith added “We are particularly concerned that there are no concessions on the charges for those on the lowest incomes. We don’t think that is fair.”

Although the Conservatives voted against the call to rethink the scheme, the Liberal Democrats hope that now they have heard the arguments the Conservatives will change the scheme to make it fairer.

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