Could new toilets be coming to Woodley?

Lib Dems in Woodley are continuing to press the Conservative led Wokingham Borough Council to replace the borough managed toilets that were closed and removed in 2009.

Following indications that the Conservative’s might be weakening their “no public toilets” policy Sam Rahmouni, Lib Dem Wokingham Borough Councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegates, asked Gary Cowan, the Executive member for toilets, at Thursday’s council meeting “When will you be replacing the public toilets in Woodley Town Centre”?  David Lee, the leader of the council, answering for the absent Cllr Cowan did not rule out new toilets, saying residents would have to wait to see what would be in their next budget.

Beth Rowland, Lib Dem leader of Woodley Town Council, said “It was a very bad day for Woodley when the Conservatives closed all of the borough managed toilets.  I understand that Wokingham Town may be getting new public toilets, as part of the Wokingham Regeneration Project, in which the Conservative led council is investing £87m.  As there appears to be no sign of the Conservatives supporting a regeneration of Woodley town centre anytime in the near future I am calling on them to do the right thing by Woodley and least give us back a borough-managed public toilet – quickly!”

Lesley Hayward, Lib Dem Woodley Town Councillor for Bulmershe, said “I suggest that residents email or write to their borough councillors to keep up the pressure on the Conservative led council to deliver new public toilets”.

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