Conservatives admit no cash for Bulmershe

At last Thursday’s Council meeting, Wokingham Liberal Democrats were appalled to learn that, despite their pledge in the recent local elections, the Conservatives have admitted that there is currently no money in the budget allocated for extra investment in Bulmershe School.

Responding to a question from Cllr Beth Rowland (Liberal Democrat councillor for South Lake Ward) on the proposed investment in Bulmershe School, the Executive Member for Education, Cllr Rob Stanton, said that there was ‘nothing in the budget’.

Cllr Rowland said: ‘The Conservatives have finally publicly admitted that there is no money in the budget for extra investment in Bulmershe School. I am appalled that school, parents, pupils and prospective pupils have had their hopes raised for nothing.

‘It proves that my Liberal Democrat colleagues and I were right when we said that the pledges made in the local elections by the Conservatives to invest millions in the school were just an election stunt. It is an utter disgrace.’

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