Park and Ride No More

At the Council meeting on Tuesday, it was finally revealed that the Loddon Bridge Park and Ride is to close on 4th February 2012, and there is no sign that it will be replaced until 2015 at the absolute earliest.

Cllr Jenny Lissaman (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegates ward) said: ‘The Conservatives have chosen to hide the closure of the Loddon Bridge Park and Ride from local residents by presenting it as a done deed in the budget. What is more shameful is that they were not planning to inform the public that the Park and Ride is to close on 4th February 2012 until August.

‘The way the Conservatives have run the park and ride has been a disaster. The figures show that usage is way down compared with last year, and that if prices went up this year it would be the most expensive park and ride in the country. That would push usage down even more.

‘The Lib Dems did warn the Conservatives that putting up prices and cutting bus frequency would reduce the number of users. Surprise, surprise, we were right!’

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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