Increases to car parking charges imposed

At the Executive meeting last Thursday, the Conservative Executive imposed increases to car parking charges in the Borough.

Councillor Prue Bray (leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council) said: ‘One of our councillors, Councillor Kay Gilder, submitted a question asking how the Conservative Executive could contemplate increasing car parking charges in the current economic climate. Thankfully, the Executive took this point on board and decided not to proceed with increasing charges in town centre car parks as they intended. Unfortunately, they slapped even greater increases on the users of the country park car parks than had been suggested. The users of council-owned station car parks will see the amount they pay go up too. The Executive also decided to increase the charges for some season ticket holders.

‘The Liberal Democrats do not believe that car parking charges should be used by the Council as a cash cow. Local people are feeling the squeeze in the current economic climate, and increasing the charges will just make things worse. If the Council wants to encourage people to use its country parks, it has got a very funny way of showing it.’

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