Double cancellation of town regeneration committee

Wokingham Liberal Democrats are extremely concerned that the committee set up to oversee the town centre regeneration, has never met, because its two planned meetings were cancelled. Councillor Phil Challis will be asking a question about the double cancellation of the committee at the Executive meeting on Thursday.

Phil Challis said: ‘How can we be sure that the Council’s investment of over £9 million to regenerate Wokingham town centre is being competently managed, when the committee set up to oversee it has failed to ever meet.

‘Given the size of the investment, local people need to have confidence that the investment is being managed wisely.

‘The confidence that Wokingham residents have in the town centre regeneration project hasn’t been helped by the fact that an unnecessary amount of the discussions about it are being held in secret.

‘Two questions have to be asked. Who is currently scrutinising the town regeneration project on behalf of the people of Wokingham? And how can residents find out what they are doing?’

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