Lib Dem plan to help vulnerable people

At last Thursday’s council meeting, Liberal Democrat and Conservative councillors unanimously supported Prue Bray’s (leader of the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council) motion calling for the council to bring back gardening and decorating for some of Wokingham Borough’s most vulnerable residents who cannot do it themselves or afford to pay to have it done for them.

Prue Bray said: ‘I brought this motion because looking after vulnerable people should be one of the council’s top priorities. I was extremely glad that the Conservatives felt able to support my motion – and that they were even happy to broaden it beyond council tenants to cover investigating how such a service might be provided to every disabled or frail person living in the Borough who cannot afford to pay for decorating or gardening and can’t do it themselves.

‘I hope very much that a commitment to investigating providing a service rather than actually providing it is not a smoke screen to dilute the original aim of my motion.  What we put forward had been fully costed and we knew it could be delivered, whereas what the Conservatives put forward is much more vague.  The Liberal Democrats in Wokingham will certainly be holding the Conservatives to account over this. We look forward to making progress so that a service can be provided, as soon as is feasibly possible, to those vulnerable residents who most need it.’

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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