Care charges changes rubber-stamped by Executive

At last Thursday’s Executive meeting, the results of Wokingham Borough Council’s care charges consultation were discussed. Wokingham Liberal Democrats were stunned to see that the Conservative Executive agreed to carry on with their policy to change their care charges policy despite more than half of those responding to the consultation disagreeing that people who have over £23,250 should pay for the care they receive.

Cllr Stephen Conway (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Twyford ward) said: ‘What is the point in having a consultation if the outcome is completely ignored? The Conservative-led Council announced in their budget in February that charges for respite care would be increasing from £126 to £575 a week, and that day care would no longer be free. Then they consulted with the public. 52 per cent of those who responded to the consultation disagreed that people who have over £23,250 should pay for the care they receive.

‘Yet the Executive has disregarded the views of local residents and rubber-stamped the changes they had already decided upon in February.  At that time, the Liberal Democrats said that the changes to care charges were both mean-spirited and financially short-sighted. We continue to believe that this is the case.’

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