Questions over unspent housing maintenance money

At last Thursday’s Executive meeting, Cllr Phil Challis (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Loddon ward) asked a question concerning Wokingham Borough Council’s failure to spend the £451,000 it had allocated for housing maintenance in the last financial year.

Cllr Challis said: ‘I was extremely shocked to learn that £451,000, which is a substantial amount of money, had been allocated to maintaining the Council’s housing stock but was simply not spent. The Conservative-led administration continually remind us about the Council’s financial problems yet, in this case, they failed to spend money they actually allocated. The Council’s failure to award the housing maintenance contract in a timely manner shows just how incompetent they are.

‘Not spending this money on housing maintenance has had a hugely detrimental effect on the quality of the housing stock in our Borough. The Council is letting down the very residents it should be supporting.’

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