Decent Homes target questioned again by Lib Dems

The Conservative Executive on Wokingham Borough Council have set themselves the easiest of targets when it comes to bringing the Council’s housing stock up to the Decent Homes Standard, as it will be met if just one house is improved between now and 2013. Despite Cllr Phil Challis’ (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Loddon) questioning of the Executive about the target’s smartness in January, it still remains the one to which the Council aspires.

Cllr Phil Challis said: ‘The Council will meet their target if they bring just one more house up to the Decent Homes Standard before 2013 – is that really the best that they can do? I believe this Council must be more ambitious. I am very sad that under the Conservatives it looks like hundreds of tenants will have to put up with living in housing that may not meet the Decent Homes Standard for years to come.

The Liberal Democrats have vowed to continue their scrutiny of the Decent Homes target, and Cllr Jenny Lissaman (Liberal Democrat councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegates ward) will be asking a question about it at the Executive meeting next Thursday.

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