Lib Dem Reaction to new bus services

Wokingham Borough Council issued a press release on Wednesday 24th March saying that bus services for South Lake were being improved.  Unfortunately the press release did not provide any details.  Investigations by Lib Dems have discovered that the proposals are very complicated.

Beth Rowland, Wokingham Borough Councillor for South Lake, said “I have been campaigning to get a service from South Lake to the Loddon Vale Practice since the new routes were first discussed. I proposed to Reading Buses that they could extend the 14 service up Colemansmoor Rd to include the Loddon Vale Practice.  However Wokingham Borough Council and Reading Buses are proposing a very confusing “loop within a loop” on the 19 Bus service.”

The number 19 currently waits for 7 mins at Silver Fox Crescent and Lib Dems have discovered that the proposal is that rather than wait the 19 will go along Crockhamwell Rd, down Nightingale Road, up Fairwater Drive and back along Woodlands Avenue to Silver Fox Crescent again, it will then go along Crockhamwell Rd, again but this time it will continue to Loddon Bridge Rd, picking up the existing route.  If you catch the bus at Silver Fox Crescent you might be going on the original 19 route or you might find yourself back where you began after a trip around Southlake.

Beth Rowland said “I welcome any attempt to improve the service to South Lake, but this proposal is just not good enough.  The return journey from Loddon Vale Practice to South Lake will be even more confusing than getting there!  Only every other 19 passing the Loddon Vale bus stop will go to Southlake and the other bus would take you into Reading.  I think these proposals are just too complicated.”

“What South Lake and Woodley require is a proper, well thought out bus network rather than trying to cover all of Woodley with one little bus – Wokingham Tories needs to listen properly to residents.”

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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