Lib Dems call for crossing in Headley Road

In the last two weeks over 600 Woodley residents have signed a petition calling for a pedestrian crossing to improve safety for people crossing between the Headley Rd Car Park and the Oakwood Centre and Woodford Park.  They believe that a pedestrian crossing will not only improve safety but will also improve access to the Oakwood Centre and Woodford Park for disabled users and improve patient’s pedestrian access to the new doctor’s surgeries at 6 Headley Road.

Beth Rowland says “Last week Cllr Baker (Borough Councillor for Coronation ward) was stated in the local press as saying that to put a crossing outside the Oakwood Centre would be illegal because it is too close to a roundabout.  This is strange as he was quite happy to be shown in the press recently dancing across a new pedestrian crossing within 20m of a roundabout in Wokingham” she added “A crossing 20m from the roundabout would be just right for Headley Rd, so I feel that what’s good for Wokingham, should be good for Woodley as well”

Sam Rahmouni says “I am dismayed that the Executive Member for Highways Keith Baker, a borough councillor for Coronation ward in Woodley, dismisses this reasonable request by Woodley residents so lightly.  Many visitors to the Woodley Festival at the Oakwood Centre last week could not understand why there was no pedestrian crossing from the car park.  I think Cllr Baker should be listening to the requests of the Woodley public and doing whatever he can to implement them, not look for excuses for the failure to act.   Wokingham Borough Council needs to find a solution before someone is hurt”

Patrick Power, Lib Dem Campaigner in Coronation ward says “Since being elected as a councillor for Coronation ward one of Cllr Baker’s main achievements has been to more than double the car parking charges in Woodley.  It is about time the council spent some of this money in Woodley improving access to and from the car park.  I would like council officers to tell me if there is a problem with installing a pedestrian crossing, as I fear that Cllr Baker’s refusal to try to find a solution may just be politicking.”

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