Lib Dem call for pedestrian crossing in Headley Road

At last Thursday’s Council meeting, Councillor Sam Rahmouni (Lib Dem Councillor for Bulmershe and Whitegates) presented a petition signed by 647 people. It called upon Wokingham Borough Council to construct an appropriate pedestrian crossing to improve safety for people crossing between the Headley Road Car Park and the Oakwood Centre and Woodford Park in Woodley. In response to a later question on this matter, the call was dismissed by Cllr Keith Baker, the Executive Member for Highways and Transport, who said that the location was too close to a roundabout.

Cllr Rahmouni said: ‘The 647 residents who signed my petition and I want a definitive statement from a professional highways officer, rather than from an elected politician, as to whether a pedestrian crossing can be put in this location.’

Paddy Power, Liberal Democrat campaigner in Coronation ward, said: ‘The council has installed a new pedestrian crossing in Station Road in Wokingham which is 20 metres from a roundabout. A crossing 20 metres from a roundabout in Headley Road would provide the crossing that has been requested by the petition.

‘It is clear from the number of people that signed the petition that something needs to be done to allow pedestrians to cross Headley Road safely. The Council should not dismiss such a reasonable request so lightly.’

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