Tories push through huge hike in respite and day care charges

At Thursday’s budget-setting meeting, the Liberal Democrats on Wokingham Borough Council condemned Tory plans to hit some of the borough’s most vulnerable people with dramatic increases in the cost of respite care and new charges for day care.

The Council only provides services for those with critical needs. Now the Tories are bringing in a new regime of means-tested charging.

Cllr Malcolm Armstrong (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Winnersh) who speaks for the Liberal Democrats on adult social care said: ‘Up until now, day care has been completely free. The first four weeks of respite care were charged at £126 a week. Now every week will be subject to the full charge of at least £575, more than four times as much.

‘The Conservatives have said that they won’t force people to pay the whole amount unless they have savings of £23,000. But even £23,000 won’t go far at £575 a week.

‘I worry about means-testing – experience suggests it will put people off. Respite and day care are essential for carers and the people they care for.

‘I thought vulnerable people were the top priority for the Conservatives. This budget’s a funny way of showing it.’

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