Council clears own parking but paying customers have to brave ice and snow

Lib Dems on Wokingham Borough Council are shocked by the lack of gritting and clearing of the borough’s car parks when compared to the council’s own staff car park at Shute End which has been cleared.

Councillor Phil Challis said “I was amazed at how clear the car park at the Wokingham Borough Council’s offices was when I attended a meeting today (Tuesday 12th). ┬áSince the snows I have been receiving phone calls from residents about the poor state of the roads and car parks around the borough and was shocked to see how much effort had gone into clearing the staff car park, when nothing appears to have been done in the public car parks.”

The attached photos show the councils own car park and the adjacent public car park managed by the council and clearly show how well the council’s own car park has been cleared of snow and the disastrous state of the public car park next door.

Lib Dem Group Leader Councillor Prue Bray said “This gives the impression to the public that the council is more concerned about itself than its residents. ┬áThe council should remember that residents pay council tax and are actually charged to park.

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