Wokingham Lib Dems Angry With Tory Insistence On Holding Consultation Over Summer Holidays (On-Street Parking Charges Consultation to Commence Today)

Wokingham Liberal Democrats are dismayed that the Tory Executive of Wokingham Borough Council has decided to go ahead with the statutory public consultation during the summer holidays about their plan for on-street car parking charges. This will be before they have reviewed all of the evidence being presented to the Overview & Scrutiny Committee by Wokingham traders, town councillors and residents alike who have strongly opposed the whole concept of charging for on-street parking.

Councillor Phil Challis (councillor for Loddon ward and member of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee) said, “Holding this important consultation during the summer holidays proves yet again that the Tory Executive can’t listen and won’t listen.”

Both Tory and Lib Dem members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which has been looking at the proposal, asked the Tory Executive to delay the statutory consultation until September so that more members of the public and businesses could give their views. David Lee, the Tory leader of the council, refused to discuss this proposal, and at a meeting last night, the Tory Executive confirmed they would go ahead with the consultation in August as planned.

Phil Challis added, “This makes a mockery of consultation. The Tories have been heavily criticised in the past for holding important consultations during holiday periods, but they just won’t listen. I urge everyone to respond to this consultation if they can so that the Tories will be in no doubt about what people think of their proposal to charge up to £1 for half an hour’s parking.”

Published by Woodley & Whitegates Liberal Democrats, 26 Farriers Close Woodley, Reading RG5 3DD.

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