Woodley’s Public Toilets

The public toilets in Woodley town centre have been a disgrace for many years due to the fact that the borough council, despite many promises, failed to maintain them properly. Lib Dems have campaigned for many years to get Wokingham Borough Council to do something about this eyesore.

Beth Rowland Lib Dem Leader of the town council said, “Lib Dem town councillors were therefore really pleased when we heard that LIDL were prepared to build Woodley some nice new public toilets as part of the redevelopment of the old Co-op site. However our joy was short lived as the Tory leadership in the borough suddenly decided to scrap public toilets in the borough altogether and the borough planning officers told LIDL that their toilets were not wanted anymore!”

Coling Lawley, Deputy Leader of the council said, “Apparently the Tories’ ‘big idea’ is to persuade shops to let residents use their toilets and there are even some ideas about building toilets in the library – but don’t get caught short on a Wednesday –the library is closed!” Coling went onto say, “This is unlikely to be acceptable for Woodley as, from my own experience of many years trading in the centre, the shops will not find this an acceptable option. I am worried, as well, about the adequate provision of disabled toilets; plans need to be in place before the old toilets are pulled down.”

Beth Rowland said, “Once again Woodley’s Lib Dem Town Council is picking up the pieces from yet another Conservative service cut and we will be talking to the borough council about opening the Oakwood Centre toilets for general use.”

Phil Challis, Lib Dem Borough Councillor for Loddon said, “It is important to keep spending under control, therefore to pay for additional cleaning and maintenance the town council will be asking the borough council to pass on the money the borough gets from LIDL for selling the land and planning contributions – it is, after all, only fair that this money is spent in Woodley!” He went onto say, “I also think it will be important to get a zebra crossing on Headley Road outside the Oakwood Centre to provide safe access to the toilets. The borough council has been resisting a crossing here ever since the Oakwood Centre was built.”

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