Citizen’s Awards Ceremony

Woodley Town Council will hand out awards to some its top citizens at a ceremony at the Oakwood Centre on 2nd April.

Beth Rowland, Liberal Democrat, Leader of the Town Council said “Woodley has so many people who give freely of their time to run clubs and support groups. This ceremony will be an opportunity to get many of the volunteers together in a pleasant social gathering and thank them for their efforts over the past year. In past awards ceremonies the opportunity for networking has sparked ideas for the coming year’s activities.”

Beth went on to say, “The serious business of the night is to recognise the great contribution these folk make to Woodley and hand out awards to six people who have been nominated to receive Citizen’s Awards. These people have served Woodley well for many years. In these difficult times we must spend money wisely and I gave this event careful thought. However in the end I concluded that Woodley gains so much value from its volunteers and would not be able to function without them, that this event was something we should maintain. The event is for the volunteers and not for local dignitaries.”

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